Our service was founded in the United Kingdom, but demand for quality recruitment personnel in the Middle East led to us opening a branch in Jumeirah, making Mackenzie Jones one of the first recruitment consultancies in the MENA region to have a dedicated team on the ground in Dubai.

Since 2006, we have built relationships with a network of business clients  throughout the  Middle East, Levant and North Africa  and equipped them with high-calibre personnel from around the world.

We understand that driven, skilled and motivated employees are the heart of any successful business and provide executive recruitment solutions to candidates and companies in various industry sectors.

Our success is built on the strength of our exceptional consulting team who have extensive industry-specific experience in  their individual sectors of focus, and an in-depth understanding of the diverse business cultures and economic trends at work throughout the Middle Eastern regions.

We take a holistic approach to recruitment and build relationships with our candidates and clients to ensure that the individual needs and aspirations of each are met.

This includes filling a variety of roles throughout organisational hierarchies on temporary, fixed-term or permanent contracts and maintaining contact with all of our former candidates and clients to keep them informed of new opportunities or outstanding personnel coming to the region.

Our core values are courtesy, transparency and honesty and we enjoy long-term relationships with our clients because our philosophy is one which is shared by everyone in our organisation.

That philosophy is applied consistently to ensure that regardless of whether you are a client or candidate, whether you are local on international, you will always receive the same outstanding level of service from Mackenzie Jones.

We meet all of our service users in person and where that’s not possible, we can arrange meetings to discuss your employment needs and preferences via email, phone or video conferencing technology.

Our industry expertise, market intelligence and local knowledge has helped our business clients to attract quality candidates from the local and international communities and enabled thousands of candidates to secure employment with prestigious employers throughout the Middle East.

For more information or advice on taking your profession in a fresh direction or finding the right personnel to develop your business, then contact one of our recruitment team for a consultation.