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The Perennial Question – Your Salary!

Date Posted: 19 January, 2022

Well let me put some context around this. We have a candidate that has refused to give us their current package. Now this in a global sense would not be an issue but our client has asked for his package.

What would you do? This is always a very controversial thing. Let me state that this is not something recruiters dictate but it is the request from the client. Now the arguments from both camps are valid.

  • Why is your package a secret if you are looking for a job and interested in the client?
  • Why should I tell them my package as the client will then try and low ball me?

In many ways this is self-fulfilling as the candidate won’t disclose their package, so the client has seen other candidates and we are currently about the close the offer. So, the candidate has missed out on a company they were keen on joining!

The UAE and GCC are quite unique, you can ask some of the questions you would not be able to in the rest of the World. This will change but it has not yet.

A few facts around those candidates that recently have not disclosed their packages. Most were significantly underpaid and were expecting a very large increase. Is this the reason for them not to disclose their package? Let’s be honest, there are many clients that consider getting candidates for the lowest salary, a key goal (although we spend a lot of time with clients educating them to that fact that if they lowball candidates then ultimately they may leave you when the right company offers them a fair package)

In a world where so many things are overshared, what would you do? MJ as a consultancy has a very transparent approach to recruiting and share the client’s package with our candidates and also the candidate’s package with the client. We also work very hard to get the candidates the right package.

90% of our placements work this way and it all works well. However, if you feel very strongly about your right to keep your salary to yourself then I applaud you but……this principal is a noble one and you must be prepared to stick to this principal even if a client will not agree to see you and hence you may miss out on a great offer with a company you want to work in.

Principals are great but reality is often the decider. I would be interested in your opinion; I know it will be very divided and as a consultancy we are often caught in the middle.

My advice……  do trust your consultancy as it is their job to get you the right role. If you want the job and you have nothing to hide, then tell the client or not? it is ultimately your call.

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David Mackenzie

Group Managing Director