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Latest Jobs

General Manager – Turf Machinery

Strategic planning for the future. The Management functions of systematically making deci...

October 4th 2015

Regional FP&A Manager

The role will be responsible for the following: Key team member in driving and analyzing...

October 1st 2015

Relationship Manager Business Banking - UAE National Only (Dubai)

Marketing new borrowing and/or non-borrowing relationships consistent with the Bank’s c...

September 30th 2015

Relationship Manager Business Banking - UAE National Only (Sharjah)

Marketing new borrowing and/or non-borrowing relationships consistent with the Bank’s c...

September 30th 2015

Head of Human Resources - Asia Pacific

The role of Regional Head of HR, is a comprehensive one with numerous responsibilities including but...

Asia Pacific
September 30th 2015

French Speaking Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager You will be responsible for the quality of internal control, which im...

September 30th 2015

Mackenzie Jones provides recruitment consulting to clients and candidates in various sectors. In each of these practices areas, we have industry experience and extensive networks built on both the individual capabilities of our consultants and the firm's reputation and history of work in the region.


"Working With Mackenzie Jones feels entirely fresh, and solves a real need, turning the dated process of job hunting right on its head."

Paul Smith

Head of HR at Samsung
"Mackenzie Jones delivered a talented selection of candidates for multiple roles in our company that has pushed us on to new levels"

Cindy Patterson

CEO of Enoc

Our Latest Blogs

Warrior Training Update – Alison McCaffrey

Okay, so it would appear I might have been focusing in on the 10km too much and not enough on the 22 obstacles….!!!  This week, I’ve met several other warrior mums at school drop off who are battered, bruised and blistered from practice sessions of rope climbing, monkey bars and scrambling under nets??!  It puts my interval training into the shade somewhat, but with 3 weeks to go, there is...

Warrior Training Update – David Mackenzie

I have been training hard for the last two weeks and concentrated on gym work to improve my speed and quick bursts of energy to tackle the warrior obstacles. The endurance piece has been easier as I have been out on my Tri Bike and managed to do over 210k this week. However, I did manage to come off my bike and damaged my wrist…school boy error! The Team are...


MJ WARRIORS – DESERT WARRIOR CHALLENGE Mackenzie Jones has put together a somewhat eclectic team of warriors to take part in this year’s Desert Warrior Challenge. On October 23rd at 11AM David Flemming, David Mackenzie, Matty Hayfield, Ali McCaffrey, Kate Hudson and Beth Cronin will all put their fitness (or lack thereof) to the test by taking on 22 obstacles over 10km (in blazing hot desert sun might I add…!) at the Desert Warrior Challenge!...


According to a report by PwC, the UAE advertising market is set to have the fastest growth globally with the internet advertising sector alone growing from $229m to $735m by 2018. This growth is welcome relief to an industry that has suffered significant knock backs from both the financial crisis and Arab Spring. But what has prompted this spurt? And can the still newly developing media hub of Dubai really...

Posted On: 07/09/15

“A Day in the Life of Matthew Hayfield – Mackenzie Jones Senior Consultant”

What is it like being at Mackenzie Jones? Compared to other agencies, it is a lot more empowering to run a desk as your own business. There are minimum KPI’s and the ones in place are results based. I am very proud to be here because of the reputation the brand has in the market and the fact that David Mackenzie is still very active as a Recruiter means that...

Working for Mackenzie Jones

As one of the newest members of the Mackenzie Jones team, I can write with some confidence about both what attracted me to this business as well as the reality of being here on a daily basis. When first landing in Dubai and starting to network to discover who were the major players in the recruitment world, Mackenzie Jones consistently came up as having both an established brand but also...

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