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FMCG – The Road Ahead!

The FMCG sector has always been a relatively large contributor to the GDP in the region. Growth has been quite consistent even during the global economic crisis which spelt doom for most of the others. On a positive note, the year’s ahead look very promising from the regional forecasts put forward by leading experts. While 2013/14 didn’t see a drastic jump in sales figures for the FMCG industry, 2015 has...

Are the oil businesses going to adapt and change in a transforming market place?

The oil and gas sector has, and is, undergoing a profound transformation. Oil companies across the globe are now weighing up their investment choices again, and again. Similarly – board rooms are pondering the right strategy and direction for their businesses.  With few organisations equipped to operate, and win, across an ever broadening spectrum of operating environments; combined with the fluctuation of industry dynamics that continues to fuel an international...

The Importance of ‘Getting it Right’ When it Comes to HR in Dubai

Human Resources is arguably one of the most important departments any company could have. It deals with the welfare and current status of employees across the business, keeping all the paperwork in check and making sure everyone has somewhere to go if they have any problems. Whether it’s recruiting new staff, training current members of the team, managing a dispute or providing performance reviews – those who work in human...

Working for Mackenzie Jones

As one of the newest members of the Mackenzie Jones team, I can write with some confidence about both what attracted me to this business as well as the reality of being here on a daily basis. When first landing in Dubai and starting to network to discover who were the major players in the recruitment world, Mackenzie Jones consistently came up as having both an established brand but also...

Middle East Banking – Growth & Regulation

The Middle East is one of the world’s fastest growing markets in the banking sector. Within many of the GCC countries, the banking sector is well developed, profitable, and efficient whilst in many other countries, the banking sector is dominated by public sector banks, which are characterised by government intervention with the banking sector being highly concentrated, with assets of the three largest banks accounting for over 65 percent of...

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